Hi, I'm Elijah Rain. I'm a recording musician for hire, so if you ever have a need for a recording drummer in San Diego, contact me here: www.myspace.com/elijahrainmusic.

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I need to get on here more

and yes, that is what she said

2010.05.29  7:01pm  


mezzo soprano

2010.05.29  6:58pm  

Back again after three or four months or something

2010.05.22  6:22pm  
2010.01.14  4:43pm  
2010.01.14  4:41pm  
2010.01.14  4:39pm  

I made a fan group on facebook called “tumblarity needs to die.” Tumblarity Promptly disappeared three days later.

Coincidence? I think not!

2010.01.12  3:57pm  

Whorld Wide
2010.01.05  11:19pm  

The internet hates me.

Why must the internet die out when I’m IMing the only person I want to talk to, but when I am being forced to endure receiving IMs from my troll of a friend they all come in perfectly? motherfuckingcuntsocks

2010.01.05  11:14pm  
(via therivanqueen)
2010.01.04  3:11pm  


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